This Christmas, many people will be checking their stocking stuffers for iPhone 7’s. In September, Apple hosted their annual Keynote event where they released the specs for this holiday’s most sought after present.

Following the Keynote, many users seemed skeptical over the iPhone’s update. The new iPhone ditched the traditional headphone jack, but added an additional camera. Apple also added two new finishes to the iPhone 7’s design.

Though the big unveiling of the 2 camera system doesn’t fill the void of the missing headphone jack for many of it’s users, it’s not stopping the phone from appearing on Christmas wishlists.

According to Fortune magazine, Apple Tech analyst Gene Munster revealed that the iPhone continues to grow in popularity, despite cutbacks to the phone’s traditional specifications.

A survey of 1,000 users conducted by Munster’s sales team revealed that the iPhone 7 is more popular than the iPhone 6.

Though many predictions saw the sales demand declining for the IPhone, it’s safe to say that many Apple lovers will still be lining up to Apple stores this holiday season.

Drew Bouffard is a senior at the University of Mississippi. Bouffard says he was ecstatic when he received his iPhone 7 as an early Christmas gift over the Thanksgiving holiday.

While Bouffard enjoys the new additions on his iPhone, he misses the iPhone’s traditional headphone jack. His biggest complaint is the fact that he can’t charge his iPhone while listening to music.

“I actually had an iPhone 5, but the iPhone 7 is a lot different,” Bouffard said. “The thumb identification was not on my iPhone 5, and there’s a missing auxiliary cord, so I just have to use the lightning headphone that they give you with the phone.”

Many technicians believe that Apple’s decision to leave the headphone jack behind was an inevitable move.

Craig Byrd is a former computer technician at the University of Mississippi. Byrd is also a former Apple technician, who knows all about their products.

Byrd says that leaving the headphone jack behind is a smart decision, because newer technology is better than dated technology.

He says the real reason Apple is ridding the iPhone of the headphone jack is because of space.

“We look at these phones and we expect them to be lighter,” Byrd said. “So, in order to make it thinner, that port has to go away.”

When the new iPhone’s are unveiled, users always expect something new and refreshing. Though many Apple lovers always seem skeptical at first, they seem to buy in around the holiday season.


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